The Hive & Bees

A bee friendly dispenser system

Bee Vectoring Technology (BVT) has developed an inoculum dispenser system that is incorporated into the lid of a commercial bee hive. Commercially-reared bees enter the dispenser through a one-way return flap and exit through another portal. As they do so, they pass through and pick up powder material in BVT’s Vectorpak™, taking it with them as they leave the hive.

Bee Vectoring Technology inoculum dispenser system

A flap at the entry hole ensures the bees must walk through the tray in order to leave the hive and forage

Bee Vectoring Technology Vectorpak

A specialty lid allows easy and safe replacement of the Vectorpaks

Bee Vectoring Technology Vectorpak tray in dispenser system

Vectorpaks fit perfectly into the hive, containing precise quantities that do not harm the bees

Bee Vectoring Technology dispenser system entrance and exit in a commercial bee hive

A gate can cover just the outbound hole to allow the bees back in without them leaving. It can also close fully to keep the bees in the hive if a pesticide needs to be sprayed on the crop

Why commercially-reared bees?

BVT uses commercially-reared bees as the delivery method. Bumblebees tend to be a better option for certain crops and indoors while honey bees are optimal for open fields. Both bumble and honey bees can be used, however bumblebees tend to be a better option – they are less aggressive, can carry more powder, fly in colder temperatures and wetter climates, require no maintenance, training or specialty equipment, and have hives that lasts longer (4-6 weeks, their natural life cycle).

Bee vectoring technology and the environment

The process of bee vectoring has the same principles as natural pollination and does not impose any health risks to bees, people and the environment. It uses commercially-reared bees to target daily delivery of single or multiple materials at the same time to the flower, a major portal of entry for pathogens. Bee vectoring uses no water, saving many spray applications of pesticides and drastically reducing the amount of active ingredients put into the environment. BVT’s biological control is organic, easily manufactured with little waste and does not contain harmful ingredients. Bee vectoring is a highly targeted delivery system that leaves fewer active ingredients drifting into water sources and unintended plants.

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