Deliver Pollen

Helping nature – efficiently

bee delivering pollenThe BVT system can be used as a stand-alone pollen distribution system or used in combination for both pollination and disease and pest management. Collected pollen can be inserted in BVT’s Vectorpak™ trays, where commercially-reared bees walk through and pick up the powder material as they leave the hive.

Eliminate hand pollination

There are a number of crops that are currently hand pollinated. An example is found with kiwis, where fruit growers have been laboriously hand pollinating crops that could easily be delivered by bees through BVT’s system.

Increase yield

Growers can increase their crop yield by simply utilizing BVT’s system for pollination. For example, for every seven female plants, one male plant is required for cross pollination in a commercial field. But by dedicating 100% of a field to growing female plants, a grower’s entire field is now producing yield.

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