Bee Vectoring Technologies Newsletter – Volume 2021, Issue 1

Posted on March 26, 2021

Bee Vectoring Technologies Newsletter – Volume 2021, Issue 1

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Volume 2021, Issue 1
Inside BVT
March 26, 2021

Spring is when everything grows – including us!
Spring is a time for accelerated growth – for crops and for BVT’s business. It’s the time of year when we get really busy connecting with US farmers to secure sales commitments for their growing season. And this year, we’re busier than ever – all while doing things safely with virtual calls and in-person social distancing protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The BVT sales and marketing team are buzzing! We’re closing record-breaking sales in Georgia and seeing significant interest, with pending orders in Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio and the Pacific Northwest for use of our system on blueberry and caneberry crops – read the full announcement here. Getting California regulatory approval at the start of the year has made things even busier as we secure initial trials with key berry and almond growers in the state, which is the largest agriculture market in the US.

How BVT sells to growers
Since different crops in different regions all bloom at varying times, getting our system in place at the start of a specific crop’s bloom period takes detailed planning and timely sales outreach and engagement, season after season. That sales adoption cycle is something we’re asked about often. People want to know how it works, when it happens, when growers make their orders, etc. If you’d like to know more about the process, read our new blog post “From initial trial to commercial expansion: how BVT sells to growers” – it answers all those questions and more.

We’ve got 2,000+ hives in Georgia!
We just delivered VectorHive Bumblebee Systems to crop fields in Georgia, where the blueberry blooming period is underway. It looks amazing – take a peek at the photos below to see what BVT looks like in action. 
With this delivery, we now have over 2,000 hives installed in Georgia blueberry fields, with commercially-reared bumble bees hard at work pollinating and carrying Vectorite with CR-7 to blooms for disease control. And product deliveries continue: North and South Carolina are next on the list for deliveries.
This beautiful photo was taken by a BVT customer in Georgia. He was thrilled to catch sight of a bumble bee from a BVT hive pollinating one of his blueberry plants. This is what it’s all about!

See what our customers have to say
Want to hear from a grower who’s successfully adopted the BVT system? If you missed January’s interview with Winn Morgan of Major League Blueberries, take a moment to watch it now.
BVT continues to buzz in the agriculture industry
We’ve also been buzzing at agriculture industry events – all of which continue to be held virtually this year. Last week, BVT’s CEO Ashish Malik participated at BioAg World Congress, where our innovative VectorHive system was voted third best in the BioAgro-Disrupter Award. We are thrilled to see so much interest and engagement about BVT at this leading bio agriculture industry conference.

Coming up next month, Sherri Tedford, BVT’s Laboratory & Field Testing Manager responsible for quality control of BVT products and for conducting Ontario R&D trials, will be presenting at the Global BioControl Conference, held April 7-8, on the use of natural pollination behaviors of bees to an audience of leading biocontrol industry executives and experts.

For more recent updates, scroll down to the articles and announcements sections within this newsletter. And if you’re interested in BVT’s Investor Webinar from February 18, 2021, you can watch the video here and see the presentation deck here.
Be safe and stay well,

Ian Collinson, Sales Manager
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