Bee Vectoring Technologies Newsletter – Volume 2020, Issue 5

Posted on September 8, 2020

Bee Vectoring Technologies Newsletter – Volume 2020, Issue 5

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Volume 2020, Issue 5
Inside BVT
 September 8, 2020

New BVT Stock Trading Resource

Dear friends of BVT:

BVT is in an exciting growth phase, commercializing a revolutionary technology that is making commercial agriculture more environmentally sustainable. It’s something we are incredibly passionate about, and being a publicly listed company allows any person who shares that passion to join us as investors, and be part of building a long-term sustainable venture that’s making a real difference in the world.
Our large family of followers and investors shows us our approach is the right one. Having as many loyal supporters as we do is unusual in the AgTech sector, where companies at our stage are usually venture-backed and privately held. As word spreads about what BVT is doing, it’s heartening to see the greater public embrace our technology and what it means to our planet’s future.
BVT shares can be bought and sold in stock exchanges in Canada, Germany and the US. On August 21, 2020, the company voluntarily transitioned from the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V) to the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) (read our recent announcement or newsletter update). As a part of this transition, we have built the below stock trading resource to help investors acquire and trade BVT shares based on their location. 
Canadian-based investors
  • BVT shares are traded under the symbol “BEE” on the CSE.
  • We have confirmed that most Canadian-based brokers can trade for BVT via CSE.
  • For a full list of dealers (including trading platforms) who can trade on the CSE, visit
  • If you encounter any issues with your broker due to the exchange transition, resolve it by communicating that BEE shares that were traded on the TSX-V before Aug 20th are now traded on the CSE, and ask them to move the shares to the CSE.
US-based investors
  • BVT shares are traded under the symbol “BEVVF” on the OTCQB: many dealer/brokers and trading platforms allow trading on this exchange.
  • Additionally, some full-service broker/dealers can buy CSE listed securities.
  • There are some discount trading platforms that are adding capability to acquire shares on the CSE. We are monitoring this, and will add further details as we learn more.
International investors (outside US and Canada)
  • In Germany, BVT shares are traded on:
    – Stuttgart Stock Exchange under the symbol “1UR1.SG”
    – Munich Stock Exchange under “1UR1.MU”
    – Frankfurt Stock Exchange under “1UR1.F
    – Berlin Stock Exchange under “1UR1.BE”
  • The following Canadian discount broker-dealers will open accounts for International (non-US) investors and trade CSE listed stock:
    – CG Direct:
    – Questrade:
    – Virtual Brokers:
We’ll continue to update the above resources on the BVT website, at Stock Trading Resource

If you require further assistance with your BVT stock trade, simply contact:

Babak Pedram, Investor Relations
Virtus Advisory Group
Tel: 416-995-8651

Adam Lowensteiner, Investor Relations (for US inquires)
Lytham Partners
Tel: 646-829-9700

I am incredibly excited by what BVT has accomplished to date, and proud of the interest our work has generated with investors and the general public. If you would like to know more about the work we are doing, please visit our website.


Ashish Malik, CEO
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