Bee Vectoring Technologies Newsletter – Volume 2020, Issue 1

Posted on February 28, 2020

Bee Vectoring Technologies Newsletter – Volume 2020, Issue 1

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Volume 2020, Issue 1
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February 28, 2020

New year, new opportunities: Using natural precision agriculture for a more sustainable planet 

Not only is it a new year, it’s a whole new decade, and at BVT, it’s time to gear up for big growth and fresh opportunities. We’ve already started off an eventful year by taking part in industry shows and symposiums in several key markets, including North Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey and Oregon. Grower feedback from these events has been incredibly positive and we’ve generated a lot of interest.
2019 was a year of major accomplishments – and 2020 promises to be even better

Last year, BVT transitioned from being an R&D company to a commercial enterprise, with EPA approval last summer making that evolution possible. Since then, we’ve been accelerating sales, the most recent example is our news announcement with 15 blueberry grower commitments in Southeastern US – which adds to our previously cemented strawberry growers in Florida. That’s just the start as we’ll get even busier doing business with more growers, as our sales outreach moves north and west throughout the US as growing seasons begin in each region. 

BVT has come a long way since we started in 2012.
BVT has gone from idea to R&D to commercial launch in a short timeframe – and we’re poised to do great things in product development and market expansion in the years to come. Read more about this in our Chairman’s recent interview with Stockhouse.

In 2020, our focus is on building out the company as a global agri-tech business. Planned milestones include:
  • Broadening awareness of BVT’s natural precision agriculture system to position it as a unique solution for sustainable food production.
  • Further market expansion in the US, one crop type at a time as regional growing seasons commence across the country, then expanding into other crops.
  • Creating strategic partnerships in the agriculture industry to broaden the products we offer through our bee vectoring system, and expanding the reach of our products through other distributors.
  • Getting commercially launched in Mexico – we’ve recently made substantial progress in this with the successful completion of official registration trials milestones in the country.
  • Progressing our EU submission for regulatory approval – progress has been made in this region too with the opening of our new European office and R&D center.
Natural precision agriculture = sustainable agriculture

The sustainable agriculture movement is gaining momentum worldwide. The Bayer interview at the 2020 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos about feeding the world without starving the planet is a great example of the growing conversation. Subsequently, Liam Condon at Bayer followed up his interview with this blog on Davos. It is very heartening to see industry leaders like Bayer advocating for sustainability.
At BVT, sustainability is at the heart of what we do as our technology is a key enabler of the next green agriculture revolution. That’s why we recently repositioned BVT as the only “natural precision agriculture” company. This repositioning has been very well-received by the industry, media and investors; we’ve appeared in over 30 news stories since September 2019.
We’re incredibly excited about the direction the company is headed, and we are proud to do our part in helping the planet achieve more sustainable farming practices. The key is to do more with less (which we do with precision agriculture) and address climate change head-on (with natural chemical alternatives, think biologicals, that don’t contaminate soil, water, air, animals or humans). One of the key insights in the Bayer interview was that decoupling productivity and sustainability is the key to tackling climate change while still feeding the world’s growing population. Biologicals through natural precision agriculture are the tools we can use to do exactly that – to increase productivity AND sustainability.
Thank you for your interest and support in our natural precision agriculture technology. Make sure to get the latest updates by signing up for the BVT newsletter, or by following us on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and Twitter

Ashish Malik, CEO
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