New Tech Has Honeybees Working For Farmers

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Posted on July 10, 2020

Original Article Source: Orchard & Vine Magazine

New Tech Has Honeybees Working For Farmers

No one can outwork the humble honeybee, and probably more than one farmer has dreamed of being able to put these industrious little creatures to work on the farm.

Now that dream is a reality, as honeybees have been drafted to work the land through a new technology called “Bee Vectoring.”

Mississauga-based Bee Vectoring Technology (BVT) literally uses commercially reared bees to provide highly targeted pest and disease management solutions. The company harnesses the power of nature’s best workers by using a proprietary dispenser to load the bees up with a powder containing beneficial chemicals for crops.

BVT’s groundbreaking system provides highly targeted and effective pest and disease control, improving the quality of crops, with minimal resistance build-up and a significant reduction in chemical load.

The system is simple to use, requires minimal training, and delivers an impressive total return on investment.

Bee Vectoring Technology has developed an inoculum dispenser system that is incorporated into the lid of a commercial bee hive. Commercially-reared bees enter the dispenser through a one-way return flap and exit through another portal. As they do so, they pass through and pick up powder material in BVT’s Vectorpak™, taking it with them as they leave the hive.

Inside the dispenser is BVT’s Vectorpak, a removable, easy-to-use tray that contain Vectorite, a specially formulated, patented powder made from all natural material. Vectorite adheres to bees, aiding in the transport of added active ingredients to the crop of your choice.

Biological controls, bio stimulants or plant amendments are active ingredients that are added to Vectorite within Vectorpaks. This single or stackable powder mixture is what bees pick up as they leave the hive and deliver to plants.