Bio-Wildbeeren anbauen mit Hummeln statt Chemie

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Posted on November 17, 2020

Article Source: f3  farm. food. future.

Alternativer Pflanzenschutz

Bio-Wildbeeren anbauen mit Hummeln statt Chemie

Author: Wiebke Niemeyer

Do you subscribe to F3 – Farm Food Future, a German publication? They recently published an article on BVT at The full article is only accessible to paid subscribers but here’s a short preview of the article translated into English by Google:

Growing organic wild berries with bumblebees instead of chemicals

Simon and Christoph Räss produce organic wild berries in the Zurich wine region. The plant protection for the bushes is provided by bumblebees, and that brings even more yield.

Producing in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way – this is what Simon Räss always thinks about. The organic fruit producer from Benken in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland, grows organic wild berries on the family business together with his brother Christoph. The plants are sprayed by bumblebees. “We have been using a plant protection system from the Canadian Ag-Tech start-up Bee Vectoring Technology (BVT) since spring, with which I can produce 90 to 95% first-class berries, compared to 70 to 80% before,” says Räss.

“We could not find any fungal attack. The shelf life is also much better, and this is important for the retailer.” – Simon Räss