How To: Combat Cereal Diseases This Season and Beyond

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Posted on March 21, 2022

Original Source: The Crop It Like It’s Hot Podcast / Spotify

How To: Combat Cereal Diseases This Season and Beyond

With the loss of chlorothalonil and epoxiconazole, plus new strains of septoria and yellow rust throwing curveballs for some varietal resistance ratings, keeping crops clean of disease this season could be challenging.

In the second of this three part ‘how to’ series, Alice Dyer delves into cereal diseases and hears how we can maximise yield this season without overspending. Always with an eye on the future, we also explore some of the exciting new developments in non-chemical disease control for cereals, including those used by our forefathers like wheat blends, to new technology such as rapid disease detection and biofungicides.

With Speakers:
Dr. Aoife O’Driscoll – Specialist in crop protection and agronomy at NIAB
Greg Hanna – market development agronomist at Bayer
Patrick Stephenson – independent agronomist
Ashish Malik – CEO of Bee Vectoring Technology (51:33)