Climate change and sustainability in farming

Posted on December 21, 2021

Climate change and sustainability in farming 

Looking for an ESG investment? BVT is tackling climate change and increasing farm sustainability

2021 saw climate change and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues become a much bigger conversation. As a fundamentally sustainable business, we’re proud to play a key role in ensuring sustainability. Unlike most companies, we aren’t adding an ESG component to an existing operation: we were founded with a 100% focus to make agriculture more sustainable.

What makes BVT a great ESG investment? Our core commitment to environmental values. We were founded on the premise of wanting to make agriculture more sustainable. It’s in our DNA.

Our solution has a positive impact on so many fronts:

Mitigating climate change

  • The BVT system uses no fossil fuels and has no greenhouse gas emissions – the flight of bees is an entirely natural process with no human intervention needed
  • Our products are derived from nature (micro-organisms), unlike petroleum-based chemical protection products

Reducing the footprint of agriculture

  • BVT’s system uses zero water, unlike chemical tank spray, which can use up to 2,000 gallons of water per acre
  • We make arable land more productive. BVT has demonstrated 25+% yield increases, which means the same acre of land can produce 25% more fruit – or 20% less land is needed to grow the same amount

Pollinator and biodiversity conservation

  • Bee populations are declining, and a big reason for that is overuse of chemical pesticides. BVT allows farmers to reduce or eliminate their use of chemicals
  • Where chemicals can have a toxic effect on the environment and non-target/beneficial species, BVT’s biological controls have low/no impact

Soil health

  • CR-7 is a beneficial soil microbe that helps maintain healthy, organic-matter-rich soil. Chemical products can often have a negative impact on soil health by depleting beneficial microbes, decreasing organic matter and altering soil pH

Worker and consumer safety

  • BVT has a “0” re-entry-interval: workers can be on the farm while the system is being used. Pesticides, on the other hand, require up to a day after application before worker can safely return to the field
  • CR7 is exempt from residue tolerance testing (it’s 100% organic) and is safe for human consumption of crops grown using it. Most pesticides have a max residue limit, which indicates safety concerns above a certain threshold

A responsible choice for ESG-minded investors

BVT is a chance to get involved with an innovative company with ESG values at its core and a commitment to developing a full product line that aligns with those values and allows growers to transform how they care for their crops.