A Sustainable Approach

Responsibly supporting growers and the environment

BVT’s highly targeted system provides an alternative pest and disease management solution, which, unlike the traditional spray cycle of pesticides on a crop, reduces both water usage and carbon footprint.

Our technology represents a significant step forward towards a new foundation for more sustainable crop improvement strategies. Here’s how we are different:

  • BVT does not require water
    Compare this to standard pesticide spraying, which can take 600 gallons of water to spray just one acre – three times per season.
  • BVT’s system has a low carbon impact
    Where traditional methods are delivered by tractors and other machinery that require a lot of power to manufacture and operate, our active ingredients are delivered naturally via commercially reared bees.
  • BVT reduces pesticide load
    Hence we are not contaminating soil and the water table.
  • BVT reduces the chances of chemical resistance
    This problem results in growers having to increase the volume of pesticides used during each spray cycle. Instead, BVT uses commercially-reared bees to carry active ingredients to plants, aligning with the natural process of pollination.
  • BVT is a natural process
    It can be used in both organic and conventional farming.

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