Vectorpak™ with Vectorite™

Easy to insert, use and replace

The trays are packed from a machine that precision fills and heat seals for moisture control and maximum shelf life.
The trays are packed from a machine that precision fills and heat seals for moisture control and maximum shelf life.

Vectorpak, our easy-to-use tray, introduces natural organic compounds to commercially-reared bees. As the bees pollinate, they leave behind the foundation for a season-long pest and disease management program.

This removable tray contains Vectorite, a specially formulated patented powder containing all-natural material that adheres to bees, allowing for the transport of active ingredients. Vectorite is blended with active ingredients and sealed into the tray.

VectorpakThe Vectorpak is inserted within the BVT dispenser in a commercial bee hive. The trays are changed periodically to replenish the depleted inoculum, ensure the freshness of the inoculant fungi, prevent infection of the bees (which may result from bee waste), and avoid packing or clumping in the trays.

No special skills are required to replace the trays and they take a minimal amount of time to put in place.

All natural, patented BVT powder helps bees deliver beneficial active ingredients

Vectorite is a recipe of ingredients that allows bees to carry crop controls and other beneficial fungi or bacteria (or a third party inoculant) in their outbound flights to the crops. It is a scientifically designed, proprietary mixture of products from BVT that allows the inoculant to attach to the bees’ hairy legs and bodies as they walk through the Vectorpak tray and leave the hive. It is readily deposited onto blooms as the bees pollinate.

Vectorite is comprised of organic ingredients that can all be found on the American (OMRI) and Canadian (4A list) certified organic list. In fact, Vectorite is not a food source for bees and has been demonstrated as bee safe through third party toxicology tests.

Unique tray construction of the Vectorpak is designed for optimal effect

Vectorite in the Vectorpak trayThe Vectorpak tray has been scientifically designed for optimum pick up of Vectorite by bees. The depth of powder, the length of tray, and the posts are all crucial components. The posts ensure bees can’t make a direct path to the hive’s outbound hole and help avoid packing of the powder – ensuring that a full load of active ingredients is picked up by a bee as it walks through the tray.

The Vectorpak is heat-sealed and is for one-time use to ensure sanitary conditions. Fresh trays are replaced in the hive to replenish used powder and active ingredients.

Stackable for the delivery of multiple ingredients in the Vectorpak

Exit for Bees in the BVT dispenser system within a commerical bee hiveVectorite allows for delivery of BVT inoculums either individually or together with other bio-controls and crop controls. Multiple crop controls can be mixed together for simultaneous delivery by bees to solve a wide range of problems. The system can deliver many inoculums or pathogen controlling products effectively.

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