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BVT Announces Completion of the Technical Screen Process at the US EPA
January 24, 2017

Today BVT announced that it has completed the preliminary technical screen process with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for registration of its bio-pesticide, BVT-CR7. The Company previously announced its submission for regulatory approval of BVT-CR7 on August 29, 2016.

BVT Announces Web-Investor Call to Outline its 2017 Growth Strategy
January 11, 2017

BVT is pleased to announce it will be holding a web enabled conference call on Thursday January 19th at 2pm EST. CEO Ashish Malik will review milestones achieved to date, outline the opportunity ahead for the company, and provide details into 2017 company initiatives.

BVT Confirms Large-scale Commercial Demonstrations of its Technology
January 10, 2017

BVT today announced that it has entered into formal agreements with several leading US strawberry growers to conduct large-scale commercial demonstrations of its proprietary growing system. The demonstrations will begin this month in Florida.

BVT on Track to Towards Commercialization
BVT Corporate UpdateDecember 14, 2016

BVT is pleased to provide a shareholder update from the CEO offering an overview of the Company’s strategic direction and progress towards commercialization.

Bee Vectoring Technologies Retains Virtus Advisory Group to Provide Corporate Communication Services
December 7, 2016

BVT is pleased to announce that it has retained Virtus Advisory Group Inc. (“Virtus”), to develop and implement a strategic corporate communications program to increase the Company’s exposure among industry stakeholders and investors across Canada.

Bee Vectoring Technologies Confirms Successful Sunflower 2016 Trial Results
November 22, 2016

Bee Vectoring Technologies announced successful results from sunflower trials conducted in three countries: USA, Serbia and Canada.

BVT Receives Key US & Mexican Patent Approvals
October 25, 2016

Bee Vectoring Technologies is pleased to announce that it has received notice of allowance of key patent applications from the US and Mexican patent and trademark offices.

BVT Adds Former Syngenta Executive to European Operations
September 6, 2016

BVT today announced its appointment of former Syngenta Senior Manager, Christoph Lehnen, Master of Science ETH, Switzerland, in Agronomy, on a contractual basis. Mr. Lehnen will take the position of European Technical Manager with responsibility over the management of launch activities, system trials and demonstrations across European territories.

BVT Appoints Former Bayer CropScience VP Ashish Malik as its New President & CEO
August 30, 2016

Bee Vectoring Technologies is pleased to announce the appointment of Ashish Malik, former VP of Global Marketing, Biologics at Bayer CropScience, to the full time position of President and CEO, commencing September 1st 2016.

BVT Announces Full EPA Submission for its First Bio-pesticide
August 29, 2016

BVT is pleased to announce the submission of its bio-pesticide, BVT-CR7 for registration with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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